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Willkommen auf NHL.

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Bienvenido a NHL. The NHL uses cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies. Standings Division Conference League Playoffs bracket standings. Get NHL. Fantasy NHL. Division Wild Card Conference League. Playoff Format. The format is a set bracket that is largely division-based with wild cards. The top three teams in each division will make up the first 12 teams in the playoffs. The remaining four spots will be filled by the next two highest-placed finishers in each conference, based on regular-season record and regardless of division.

It is possible for one division in each conference to send five teams to the postseason while the other sends just three. In the First Round, the division winner with the best record in each conference will be matched against the wild-card team with the lesser record; the wild card team with the better record will play the other division winner.

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The teams finishing second and third in each division will meet in the First Round within the bracket headed by their respective division winners. First-round winners within each bracket play one another in the Second Round to determine the four participants in the Conference Finals. Home-ice advantage through the first two rounds goes to the team that placed higher in the regular-season standings. In the Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Final, home-ice advantage goes to the team that had the better regular-season record -- regardless of the teams' final standing in their respective divisions.

Tie-Breaking Procedure. It is also exceptionally easy for you to use. All that is needed is for you to type in all the letters with which you want to make some words. When you do so, you will be able to input your preferences and this tool shall be able to generate words for you to use in the game. Use this step by step guide to benefit from the Word Creator. The first cheats that you use will help you to get some word options with the letters that you have.

You will be able to enter the letters that you have into a search panel. Then, you can select another letter that is on the board for you to use as part of the base for the word that you want to create. The Words with Friends Word Generator will then be able to give you a whole host of options for the words that you can create, including how many letters are within the words and how many points that you can get from the words at a minimum.

With other Words with Friends cheat options, you can decide how many blank letters to be considered so that you can see options of what you can create with the letters that you have. But you can also click on the numbers directly.

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The WWF Cheat offers the use of optional patterns to help you play words strategically and reach the highest possible scores. The basic way to set patterns is simply to type in the letters to which you want to add your own. As you can see, the strategic usage of our WWF Cheat is paying off quite well. Please note that if you use patterns, the results will be no longer than the number of characters you entered into the pattern field. So you can define the length of the results by using a number of dots.

For the example below, the player has used the same method for his Words with Friends word game as described before:.

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As you play this game, then you will discover that the aim of it is to reach as many points as possible to win. It helps if you know how many tiles there are, and what values each of the tiles have. When you first look at the tiles, they will seem that they are just the same as Scrabble. However, as you get going to play, you will realize that the tiles and their values are actually a little different from what you can expect with Scrabble. Read more about the scoring an the letters in our articles!

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Knowing these values will help you make words that capitalize on the board so that you are able to make words with the highest value. It is worth noting something special though, when you are making words, it may not be necessary for you to make a very long word to make the most points. You can be strategic and make a short word, make the most of the board, and also reach the highest points in the game. As you play Words with Friends whether you are online or on your mobile device, you need to be aware of four buttons that are important for the game.

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These are the Swap, Shuffle, Pass and Resign buttons. If you are finding it difficult to make a word, then you can choose to swap all the letters that you have. Choosing the Swap option makes sure that you are able to get an entirely new set of letters. Then there is the Shuffle button. A different perspective makes it easier for you to create more words, since the letters are in a different order.

In the event that you cannot think of any words or solutions, then you can make the decision to keep the game moving by making the decision to pass. When you pass, then it is possible for your opponent to play instead of you. In the very rare event that you find there are no moves that you can make, then you can choose to Resign from the game. At this point you are declaring that you have lost the game and are looking for a new opponent or even just to start a new game.

There are several ways that you can get help when you are playing this game, and now that you know about the cheats, you can already get started. Other options do exist though. One of the ways that you can experience a Words with Friends Helper is by looking for assistance b going through a scrabble dictionary or a word finder. Like any games that you will play which are free to experience, you will find that there are adverts that you need to experience.

There are not many adverts on this game, but you will find that they are there once you choose to play a game. Normally, all you need to do is grin and bear it for around thirty seconds and then get on with playing the game. Words with Friends is a sure fire winner if you are looking for a word game that will keep you enthralled and also allow you to play with your friends and other people online.