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by Joyce Meyer

Americans are finding its holistic view of life urgently relevant as they grapple with the challenges of aging, terrorism, and the environment. For many, Taoism's uncorrupted faith, grounded in Nature, retains a purity that many yearn to bring into their lives.

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However, Taoism is also famous for its paradoxes, which can frustrate the Western mind. In reality, when properly explained, these paradoxes elaborate Taoism's basic principles in delightful ways.

The Essence of Tao | Pilgrims Book House

It reorders them into a logical framework, and then explains their principles in an easy to understand fashion. It makes Taoism accessible by using everyday examples and avoiding terms that sound exotic and tend to confuse. Whereas the world's major religions have had to settle for two separate Truths -- one of faith and the other of reason -- Taoism needs no such accommodation, and this may attest to its celestial origins. This compelling book is written to expose the reader to this holistic view of reality in a way that beguiles while it instructs. Since Lao Tzu first introduced the world to Taoism more than two millennia ago, his elegant teachings have been shrouded in mystery and interpreted in many different ways.

Finally, The Truth of Tao explains the secrets of this powerful philosophical system in clear, concise language that every one can understand. It goes to say that nothing matters and everything matters.

The essence of Tao

The form is impermanent and belonging to Po and the consciousness remains belonging to Hun the observer. Just realize that the essence of tao lies in coexisting with your environment and ANY suffering or Dis-ease comes from opposing or resisting natural law.

Thanks you! I love this. And thank you for understanding what I'm looking for. Some people are just silly online. I think you're thinking more Zen rather than Tao, though there is a direct relation.

The essence of Tao

What makes you think Taoist philosophy can be grasped or conveyed by quotes? Where are your feet standing? What is in front of your nose? Life is unfolding beyond what you can think or speak. Nothing makes me think nothing.

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