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Roach, Jr. We'll train you in modern nursing so you can join a health care team upon graduation. Download course leaflet. Our course curriculum is informed by the latest research and encourages you to take an evidence-based approach to nursing care. This forward thinking and innovative course will help you to achieve the requirements for registration in the UK as a nurse within the Mental Health field of practice.

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Our Mental Health course is based on the firm belief that mental health and wellbeing services must provide excellent care which respect the intrinsic value of people and communities in which they live. This philosophy is firmly held by all members of the course team. Feedback from our clinical partners tells us that, as newly-qualified nurses, our students are seen as committed, enthusiastic and adaptable.

Also confident, with the flexibility required to meet current service needs. These are the only awards to celebrate the very best in student nurses and nurse education, recognising educational establishments and honouring those who are committed to developing new nursing talent. Widening access students Widening access students may be eligible for an adjusted offer of entry. Care-experienced applicants will be guaranteed an offer of a place if they meet the minimum entry requirements. Please check the SWAP progression routes document for details.

General entrance requirements apply. Voluntary or paid experience in a care setting would be useful. We advise you to show the links between the knowledge, values and skills gained in these experiences and how they might fit with the attributes of a Mental Health nurse. Other experience, which demonstrates your commitment and your ability to work in a team, is also valuable.

References are required.

Please provide an academic reference. Friends as referees are not accepted. You must be committed to go on practice learning experiences in conjunction with our partner trusts which cover an extensive geographical area in Scotland. You should also be aware that holiday periods are pre-determined within the course.

Guidelines will be given to you before the Applicant Day to help your prepare for this event. All applicants are subject to a Disclosure Scotland check. This will show all spent and unspent criminal convictions including but not limited to cautions, reprimands, final warnings, bind over orders or similar and, to the extent relevant to this course, may also show details of any minor offences, fixed penalty notices, penalty notices for disorder.

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Previous criminal convictions may not exclude you from entering the course, but all convictions must be declared and some may result in your application being unsuccessful. All applicants must be passed fit by our Occupational Health team. To protect your privacy, neither of these checks will normally be carried out until an offer has been made to you. The selection process is part of a much wider Applicant Day which gives full information on the course and facilities specifically designed for nursing students.

Read more about our location. Some applicants may have varying levels of prior certificated or experiential learning. RPL is facilitated within the Faculty and this may result in a shortened programme of study for you. Please get in touch to discuss any prior learning with a member of our recruitment team. For more information on ways that you can meet our English language requirements, including options to waive the requirement, please read our information on English language requirements. If you need to improve your English language skills before you enter this course, our partner INTO University of Stirling offers a range of English language courses.

These intensive and flexible courses are designed to improve your English ability for entry to this degree. Find out more about our pre-sessional English language courses You'll study alongside Adult Nursing students to gain an understanding of how health and social care professionals work together to bring about the best in patient-centred care. Through our partnerships with a diverse range of health and social care organisations, students will have the opportunity to put their theory into practice.

Full disclosure: I am not a psychiatrist. I want to make that clear. My mom is a psychiatrist, though. Has anyone in here had the great fortune to have a psychiatrist as a parent? Who has had the great fortune of having physician parents, one or both physician parents? Both my parents were physicians as was shared earlier.

So literally, I had to be an expert in physician psychology to survive my childhood. You know, it just makes sense to multitask. These are s Valium ads. Anyone have the great privilege to see one of these?

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Usually like really freaked out housewives. She had me staring at them and she would do what Dr. Rakesh Jain suggested we do at breakfast this morning, which is look at the face of the person on the screen and not just look at the face—figure out the mood of the patient. These are the questions my mom was asking me when I was like two.

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This is a very brief one-line faculty disclosure on the slide above , I want to give you the FULL disclosure. So the problem that happened for me is when I entered medical school, I loved every specialty. I have four that I want to disclose. Once the secrecy can stop, and the stigma ends, I absolutely believe that we have the brain power, just in this room to solve the physician suicide crisis, if we stop hiding it. So most people in the room, and how many of you by a show of hands would like to end this physician suicide epidemic? No hands in the room. Thank you. I wanted to just really share how I do this.

What else do I get? Acne, you know all this bread-and-butter family medicine, and I make all this pile of money over here, right, that supports my humanitarian free stuff that I do with doctors over here. They call me. The interesting thing about this is so I might be on the phone anywhere from five minutes to two hours with some people. Sometimes they call from unknown numbers, and one woman called from an unknown number and all she did was sob on the phone with me the whole time. What I do with people when they call me, some of them feel immediately better because they were able to share their story for the first time with a colleague, without feeling like they were going to be turned over to the medical board, or get in trouble or lose their job.

Great, and some people do need to see a psychiatrist, so of course I refer them to a real psychiatrist, not a family doctor who lives in the woods in Oregon, dealing with ingrown toenails.