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I wish you an extra-big Merry Christmas! My fourth 'Wimmelbuch' for the publisher F. Schmid an imprint of Ravensburger Buchverlag contains 44 fairy tales on just 7 double pages: tales by the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, Joseph Jacobs and others. A wise owl with a pointy hat accompanies the reader troughout the fairytales — can you spot her on every page?

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Adding up to that was the communications policy of the publisher which left a lot to be desired.

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Book for children - Wimmelbuch, F. Bavarian in its written and spoken form Corresponding with the situation in Scotland, there is no such thing as a standard variety of Bavarian, and it is mainly, although not exclusively, a spoken language. The literature published in Bavarian tends to be poetry and drama.

As is the case with Scots in fiction, Bavarian appears mainly in dialogue in novels. Although there are now a number of completely Scots novels, to my knowledge a novel entirely in Bavarian has yet to be published.

Mariana Leky

Two of the most prolific Bavarian authors of the twentieth century, Ludwig Thoma and Lena Christ, use Bavarian only in dialogues. Standard German infused with some Bavarian features, e. Native Bavarian speakers, like Scots, often feel that the standard lan- guage at times is incapable of expressing concepts inherent to the dialect. It might be advisable simply to accept that not all languages and varieties are equally well equipped at expressing certain concepts.

The Scots word dreich, which describes cold, wet, and generally miserable weather condi- tions, is an example of such a lexical dilemma. There seems to be no single English word which expresses quite the same quality and evokes the emo- tional aspect of the concept. This particular state of mind is said to be exclusively linked to the Bavarian character; and in this case, Standard German fails on a translation.

With regard to political implications of regional and linguistic identity, the official position in Germany in relation to the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages should be noted. Germany ratified the Charter three years before the United Kingdom did 7 May and included, among other minority languages, Low German.

According to him, Bavarian fulfils the fol- lowing criteria set out by the Charter: it is spoken in a particular region of the nation by members of that country; its speakers are fewer in number than the overall population Part 1, Article 1 a and it differs from the official language.

This last criterion stipulated is trickier to prove. Lan- guages which are neither dialects of the official language nor the lan- guage of immigrant groups can also be accepted under the Charter, and Rowley constructs his argument on such historical linguistic evidence. All dialects, including NHG, are dialects of German from a legal point of view. Rowley follows the same argument structure which was used to classify Galician, Venetian, and Scots as languages.

In the case of Low German it was argued that, historically, it was and is a language, which had been used in the Middle Ages as a written medium. The same applies to Bavarian, hence the criteria for the recognition of it as a minority language are fulfilled by analogy. Grammars, dictionaries and a certain degree of standardisation are of- ten regarded as the indicators of a fully-fledged language. Like Scots, Bavarian can prove its language status on the grounds of the first two and a wealth of literature to go with it.

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Rowley; undated online re- source. Rowley is not the only advocate for recognising Bavarian as a language. To this day, however, Ba- varian has not been accepted as a minority language in Germany. Such a lack of official recognition is further hampered by the lack of a lobby for Bavarian. In contrast to Scotland in general, the awareness of Bavarian as a subject of study in school or higher education is very limited. The Bavarian school curriculum pays lip service to it in that it stipulates the promotion of the dialects and their study but very lit- tle of it is put in practice due to various constraints.

While the situation in Scotland is far from ideal, Scots is far more integrated into the curriculum; teaching materials exist and are in use cf. Imamura Universities in Bavaria hardly ever offer courses dedicated to Bavarian language or literature and the awareness of it as an academic subject is limited to the universities where the main research projects on Bavarian are located, e.

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Munich, or where the leading researchers work, e. The parallels between the linguistic situations of Scotland and Bavaria are striking. External events, such as historical developments, appear to mirror each other, although the timelines obviously do not match up en- tirely — we see long spells of independence, the absorption into a modern nation-state and the eventual regaining of a greater degree of autonomy. Hand in hand with such events goes the awareness of the people that they are different, a perception reinforced by the linguistic differences between their varieties and the standard languages.

Technological devel- opment, i. Eventually, flourishing writing traditions are relegated to a literature, often perceived by the cultural elites as parochial and humor- ous but of no greater value. The most striking differences can be found in the field of language activism. While the Scots lobby appears to be weaker than that of Gaelic, it is still far more organised and visible than its Bavarian counterpart.

School curricula at least acknowledge the need to incorporate the ver- nacular into teaching and some of it is put into practice, while in Bavaria the commitment goes rarely beyond paying lip service to the idea. Simi- larly, the situation in higher education is rather bleak.

Caryad – Illustration & Artwork

Scots is still vis- ible on degree programmes, albeit to a lesser extent than in earlier years. While there was very little offered at university level dealing with Bavar- ian culture in the widest sense until , after the Bologna Accords and the streamlining of degree and course contents this has diminished even further or vanished altogether.

Overall, there is less perceived need to en- gage with the topic of Bavarian in the mind of its speakers, possibly due to its dialectal rather than language status. In this case, Bavarians should take a leaf out of the Scottish book and take note of the few instances when Bavarian makes the headlines in the media and react to them in order to stipulate discussion.